I'm a web designer + developer that creates clean, simplistic, minimal designs. I focus on getting the point across without all of the fluff. My job is to help your products or services shine, and produce results. All while looking great.

About Me

Over the course of 5 years I've developed a strong love for building things. Well, not just things; meaningful things. Things that can change the way people, work, feel, play, or even think. I live to bend the limits of what we consider normal and create purpose.

Work becomes so much easier when you actually believe in what/who you are working for.

Little Known Facts About Me

  • I am human... I think?
  • I sushi (although my wallet disagrees)
  • I don't useless complexties
  • I recycle, and suggest everyone do the same
  • I often dream of eating Salmon
  • I follow my dreams (which sometimes leads me to Salmon)



Have a few questions? Want to collaborate on something new? Or maybe you just want to hire me for a project (oh please do)!?

Either way my contact details are below. Please feel free to make good use of it ;)

email: me[at]theusg.me
skype: Theus G
twitter: ChimChim2
design iHype - Another concept, but this time drafted for a good friend of mine. He's running a videogame blog and needed a site with modern style, but didn't want it to over shadow the content. Just waiting on the word...
design Butter Crate - Conceptual website draft for a new bakery goods startup.
design Tanoshi Art
branding Logo design for a web app me + the guys @ Lucid are working on.
design Lucid Solutions - Redesign of our company website. We were looking for a straight to the point, clean design that represents us best. I think we found it.
branding Lucid Solutions - Like the Lucid Solutions site, the focus was to be very simple. Again, we found it.